New Blogger!

Well here I am, finally creating my blog! I hope to intrigue you, teach you, and inspire you.
First I’d like to explain why I created a blog.
1. I want to learn new things and become the best version of me. I believe this blog will inspire me to try new things and learn a lot about myself and other things.
2. Share. One of the best ways to learn is to teach. If I have a skill or knowledge about something worth sharing then it will only enhance my original skill and knowledge.
3. I’ve never been good at writing or putting thoughts and ideas into words. This is going to challenge me and make me better at something I’ve never really been good at.
4. Health. I believe having a blog will give me even more reasons to strive my hardest at a healthy lifestyle.
5. I get to share my photography! Heck yeah. I’ll take any opportunity to share my work!

Take a gander around since you’re already here, stay a while. 🙂

Happy Trails!

Ruby Lee



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