DIY Natural Foundation Powder

I posted on my personal Facebook page that I was going to become a sustainable and natural homemaker. The first two things I said I was going to do were 1. Make my own 100% natural makeup. Starting with natural foundation powder. 2. farm turkeys.

I haven’t got the turkeys yet but while visiting some friends in upstate New York, I got the ingredients I needed to make my own natural foundation! Then I ate some smoked turkey because they farm their own. mmmm mmmm! (That’s what inspired me to want my own turkeys) I got the idea to make my own makeup from pinterest. But I didn’t follow one recipe. I kind of combined several different ones and tweaked it a bit to my own desire. I haven’t worn it out for a full day yet because I JUST made it last night. Honestly it took me a while to get the right shade, but after a few applications I think it looks pretty good!
So here’s the recipe!!

DIY Natural Foundation Powder

Arrowroot powder
Organic Cocoa powder (unsweetened)
French Green clay
Ginger root powder

I got all these at a health market.  I want to try this again and use Bentontite clay but I was too eager to wait for it in the mail and I made my foundation without it this time.
The arrowroot and french green clay or bentontite clay help keep it on your face and not just blowing off because it’s loose powder. It also helps absorb oils without drying out your face. Apparently the french green clay and bentontite are good for your skin too!

I used my bare minerals foundation to look at while I was mixing ingredients. It really helped me get close to the right shade! I ended up using a lot of the cocoa powder because my skin is actually pretty warm still from my summer tan. I am pretty pleased with the shade but I did have to put a few applications on to feel like it actually covered any blemishes.
I think I will use this on a daily basis and keep researching to find what natural ingredients are used for good coverage.
I’m happy with my natural foundation as of now. I don’t know how it acts if I sweat a bunch, but maybe some makeup setting spray would help! Maybe my next post will be about natural makeup setting spray!! I think the best part is my face smells delish!!!! 🙂

I’ll post photos of the process soon!

Ruby Lee


One thought on “DIY Natural Foundation Powder

  1. While doing some research I found that Magnesium Stearate is a good mineral powder to mix in and it improves the adhesiveness of powders to the skin! So getting some! It’s not expensive either. Silk Mica Powder helps give that matte finish and absorbs oils as well.
    Finding good natural ingredients out there! I’m definitely liking the mineral powder ingredients better than whole food ingredients. I do like the ingredients I used, I just don’t know if Ginger and Cinnamon are that good for the face for every day use.

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