About Ruby Lee

Self portrait 2012

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My name is Ruby Lee. I’m 21 years old and I live in the great Pacific Northwest. I was born in Alaska but grew up in Washington. I am the photographer of Ruby Images. http://www.rubyimages.net. ¬†Photography is my passion so you will be seeing a lot of posts about that part of my life!
Family and friends are most important to me next to my relationship with the Lord.
I love fishing, riding horses, rodeo, snowboarding, snowmobiling, boating, sun bathing, hiking, working out, hunting, shooting guns, knives, good food, and traveling.
I get inspired by so many things. I want to try everything and be good at it! I realize I can’t be great at everything because I simply do not have time for that. So my focuses now are on pursuing a natural healthy lifestyle, growing closer to God, learning to team rope, play my mandolin more (music is good for my soul), and achieve my photography goals.

It’s amazing how much Pinterest has inspired me! If you haven’t browsed around on Pinterest before, you my friend, are not living. Seriously though. So many awesome ideas for anything you can think of! I will be posting links and tutorials right here of some of the things I try to make or do that I find on Pinterest or learn through other people.


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